Everest Academy


Everest Delivers on Its Commitment to the unique S.E.L.F. Platform

  • Skills development with exceptional coaches and trainers
  • Education program second to none with support for special education needs and AP
  • Leadership within a unique environment of like-minded students and school culture
  • Fitness, strength and conditioning programs to establish life-long patterns of quality health

Overview of Admissions

Quality private school programs represent a significant family investment. We are committed to working with qualified students to make the Everest S.E.L.F. program experience a reality. We provide proven exceptional value that demonstrates how Excellence Happens Every Day at Everest Academy.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the outstanding level of quality that both the academic and the athletic programs provide to prepare our son for success.” – Palmer family

Our unique daily schedule returns time to the family so that student-athletes can focus on a more well-rounded lifestyle. Parents feel supported by our staff and are encouraged to participate through our unique on-line technology with day to day activities at the school. Contact Everest Admissions department directly at 905.881.3335 to discuss the value equation of Everest Academy in more detail.

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Admissions Process

Step One – Attend An Information Session Open House or Schedule a Private School Tour.

Meet with the school Admissions team to determine if Everest Academy and the S.E.L.F. platform is the right fit for your child. We’ll discuss academics and skill development goals equally and identify a time for a private one-on-one visit.

Step Two – Fill Out An Application Form

All interested families  complete a document package (see below) .  It provides us with the information needed for us to evaluate the candidate student and proceed with a formal evaluation.

  1. “Expression of Interest” Application Form  #
  2. Copies of most recent school report cards (ideally last two years)
  3. Letters of reference from school and coaches (ideally three or more)
  4. Proof of citizenship (e.g. birth certificate, passport or other )

Step Three – Interviews and Academic Evaluation

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule a detailed interview. Interviews will generally last 1 to 2 hours, where students and parents will meet with academic and skill development leaders or coaches.

The focus of the interview is to address all questions that students and parents may have regarding attending Everest Academy, ensure the academic eligibility of the student, review the athletic / skill development commitments required, and review Everest Academy values and expectations. Parents may request a telephone interview if they are unable to attend a personal interview.

Some students may be asked to complete a formal entrance exam covering both Math and English literacy disciplines. The exam(s) can be completed on-line through Everest EOLC and will take approximately 30 minutes each to complete.

Step Four – Notice of Admission

All successful applicants will receive a Notice of Admissions decision letter. Candidates accepted into Everest Academy will be required to complete the documents in the enrollment package which includes a full annual health examination from your family doctor.

“Everest is a unique environment that allows students to excel both inside and outside the classroom. Since transferring to Everest, my kids are working hard and demonstrating real improvements. Everest has delivered everything that we had hoped it would.” – Summers family

Payment Options

Single payment Due within 30 days of acceptance (discount applies when paid in full)
Payment Plan
(Domestic Students)
Three installments: 50%, 25%, 25% (based on balance after deposit)
Payment Plan (International Students) Single Payment within 15 days of acceptance


Scholarships are limited and are based on full assessment of academic and athletic achievement and potential. All requests for scholarships are forwarded to the Scholarship Review Committee and must be received before March 1 of each year. Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

School Video

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Everest Academy Facilities

  • Newly constructed custom-designed 29,000 sq foot academic facility
  • Private high performance fitness studio
  • Short walking distance to various outdoor facilities for Spring/Fall use
    (turf and grass fields, baseball diamonds, running track, water park and more)
  • Private cafeteria where Everest Chefs provide healthy snacks and meal options
  • Unique access to adjoining Everest Ice facility complete with 2 NHL-sized ice rinks open all year around
  • Private team dressing rooms for school Lacrosse and Hockey Teams

Private Chefs Make Full Buffet Meals for Students

School Cafeteria Overlooking Everest Ice Rinks


Sponsors Gatorade and SHER-WOOD

Everest Logo on Center Ice

Everest Academy Strives To Provide An Exceptional Experience That Is Affordable For Today’s Families.
Everest Academy is one of Canada’s fastest growing K-12 private schools dedicated to the development of high achieving students. Whether it’s excellence in sports, music, arts or academics, Everest Academy students ‘do what they love, love what they do.’ Built around our unique S.E.L.F.(TM) program model, Everest Academy students experience a fully integrated Skill, Education, Leadership and Fitness platform which is second to none. Combined with an innovative on-line learning platform, Everest Academy students can advance their skill development anywhere, anytime allowing them to “live their dreams”.