Everest Academy


A Multi-Sport Approach to Athletic Development with Everest’s Youngest Student-Athletes

Athlete Discovery Program (ADP) – Grades 1-4

The Athlete Discovery Program is designed to introduce all game forms and sports skills to youngsters in a fun and engaging way. It is extremely important for young athletes to develop proficient FUNdamental movement skills and transferable sports skills at an early age. With quick formal instruction, engaging practice through games and activities, and consistent guidance, students will have the opportunity to discover sports or games they enjoy.

Athlete Development Program (ADP) – Grades 5-7

Everest’s Athlete Development Program has two main focuses: Formal sports instruction through TGfU (Teaching Games for Understanding) and Learning to Train. During our sports sessions, our athletes will focus on one sport or game form at a time aligned with as many SSAF events as possible. Here, they will develop and practice sport-specific skill application, decision making, and tactical awareness before putting it all together in a formal sport setting. This TGFU model is a fantastic educational approach to developing physically literate students who will have the skills they need to be ‘active for life’. Everest ADP’s second focus, “Learn to Train”, will disguise training exercises and fundamental movements in games and activities. Students will be coached on proper exercise techniques as they progress towards more formal training practices.

Clark Robinson – Elementary Physical Education Teacher & Athletic Coordinator

Clark has come to Everest Academy after starting his teaching career internationally. Before living and teaching in both Sweden and Thailand, Clark received his undergraduate degree from Brock University and was certified to teach in Ontario after graduating from Trent University. Clark is a passionate Elementary Athletics coach and Physical Educator. He strives to help young students discover and develop their athletic abilities while coaching students become valuable teammates and leaders in their own sports environments. Away from the classroom, Clark enjoys the outdoors through various recreational sports and always enjoys the challenge of learning something new. Clark also has an extensive lacrosse career, highlighted by winning two National Championships with the Six Nations Rebels and one more with Brock University.