Everest Academy

All Sports

The Elementary Elite All Sports program at Everest Academy is designed to develop young students into well-rounded athletes. We understand our young athletes may already be working on fine-tuning their skill set for specific sports, but we encourage them to engage in a variety of different athletic activities and games that are designed to develop transferable skills.

During our sessions, we strive to make fitness fun and teach our young athletes to work hard and be proud of their accomplishments. This program works towards mastery of the fundamental movements skills and the techniques needed to compete with confidence. In addition to these fitness and skill driven focuses, we realize the importance of social development with regards to teamwork skills and sportsmanship and aim to consistently reinforce these faculties in our student-athletes.

The Elite All Sports program also strives to prepare for upcoming Elementary SSAF sporting events. Students who are interested in competing in a variety of these SSAF tournaments are encouraged to use this program to help prepare them for upcoming tournaments. Depending on the child this could be used to develop new skills to participate in a new sport, or for extra coaching and practice before the event.

All Sports Head Coach – Clark Robinson

Clark has come to Everest Academy after starting his teaching career internationally. Before living and teaching in both Sweden and Thailand, Clark received his undergraduate degree from Brock University and was certified to teach in Ontario after graduating from Trent University. Clark strives to create a classroom environment where students are encouraged take risks and  ask questions. He is passionate about teaching and helping all students achieve their goals and make new ones. Away from the classroom, Clark enjoys the outdoors through various recreational sports and always enjoys the challenge of learning something new. Clark also has an extensive lacrosse career, highlighted by winning two National Championships with the Six Nations Rebels and one more with Brock University.



Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest is based in Thornhill, Ontario in the York region, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Everest Academy is an alternative school founded by Farell Duclair, former CFL football player, on the idea that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes, and people when given the opportunity and resources.