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Everest Academy Expands North (Aurora/Richmond/New Market)

Everest Academy is pleased to announce its plan of expansion to the Aurora/Richmond/Newmarket region. Attend our next presentation and information session to be held at the Bond Lake Arena (Norm Taylor Room B) in Richmond Hill on Tuesday, March 5th starting at 7pm. In addition to hearing about Everest Academy there will also be a keynote presentation by former NHL hockey player Jim Thomson about violence and bullying among youth as well as the path to the OHL/NCAA. Click Here to register for the session.

This expansion plan will include offering the Everest Academy elite hockey program locally within Aurora:

  • Students arrive at the ACC arena for 8:00 am Monday through Friday.
  • The students train 4 days per week (Mon to Thurs) ending about 9:45 am.
  • They would shower, lock up their equipment in a reserved spot and jump onto a bus that would take the students to the Everest Academy location.
  • Students receive a recovery snack on the bus.
  • Once arriving at the school campus, the students attend full classes, receive lunch and participate in fitness as per their specific school schedules.
  • The students are then bused back to the ACC at the end of the school day (4pm).
  • On Fridays, the kids would immediately be bused to the campus for a full day academic program.

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Common Questions to Keep in Mind:

Who will train/coach the kids in Aurora?

The coaching duties would be led by former NHL player Jim Thomson, with support from Dave D’Amizzio and the rest of the Everest athletic team. The coaches will rotate between the two locations to be able to work with all the kids on a regular basis.

Will busing to and from the Aurora arena be provided to student homes?

Local busing in Aurora would be provided next September once the academic program is established locally.

What age groups / grades will the Aurora program offer?

The choice of age groups and grades will be determined once we see what families express interest in participating. Everest currently offers programs for grades 1 to 12 and would see doing the same thing at the Aurora campus.

Does this mean the Thornhill location will close in favor of Aurora?

Absolutely NOT. This initiative is about expanding the delivery of the Everest Academy programs. We are very confident about the potential for our programs to run locally within Aurora and Newmarket as two great regions to have a presence in.

Can I transfer from my current school to Everest during this school year?

Yes. Everest offers a full mid-term transfer program for all new students wishing to join in the middle of the school year. Everest takes care of all the transfer details including the student’s Official Student Record (OSR). For students transferring from another private school, special financial incentives are available to take into account that fees may already be prepaid. See www.everestacademies.com/midtermtransfer for more details.

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For more information on this new program, please contact us directly at 905.881.3335.

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