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Everest Academy is pleased to announce our partnership with Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE) for the provision of textbooks and paperbacks for students.  CSBE is a service-oriented book retailer specializing in textbook provision services for schools across the country and dedicated to providing students and staff with all of their school book needs.  With the highest levels of service and flexibility, many top independent schools across Canada have come to depend on CSBE.

How to Order Textbooks

It is important for you to place your order as early as possible thus helping ensure that your student has the textbooks needed to start the school year.  Ordering early also gives you the best selection of used books. 

The CSBE Online Bookstore can be reached by clicking the image above.  Alternatively, you can reach CSBE’s customer service to place orders, track packages or manage your account at 905-828-7200 from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday and from 8:30am-4:30pm on Friday.

  • Identify your student’s name, student ID and grade and you will be able to move through a list of the courses and textbooks required that your daughter has selected or is required to take.  You can, of course, order from any grade/course you wish at any time.
  • If a course is not listed, either there are no books required or additional resources will be provided by Everest.  CSBE will communicate any further resource changes by e-mail once you’ve placed your order.
  • A stock of books will be carried by the Canadian School Book Exchange throughout the academic year and may be ordered at any time up to and including exams in the case of course changes or lost books.

Used Books

You will have the option of purchasing new or used (if available) textbooks.  Please note the default book condition will be “Used” (which you can change on a book by book basis).  CSBE refurbishes used textbooks as necessary so most are in excellent condition.  If you wish to purchase only new condition books please change the selection box appropriately.

  • If used books are not currently available (CSBE gets stock throughout the summer and early placed orders may not see many used books online) you can use this feature to substitute used books if they become available.  If used books are substituted, your credit card charges will be adjusted accordingly before CSBE ships.  The assignment of used books is made on a first come first serve basis.  The earlier you order your books, the more likely you’d have of getting a used book substitution, even if they are not visible when you place your order.
  • All used resources are fully reconditioned by CSBE (both inside and out).  After repair, they will typically have more than 70% of their original life left (and no less than 60%), with minimal writing or highlighting on the inside.  All vulgarity and other student/school identification will also have been either cleaned or covered up.
  • Used books come with a no-questions-asked replacement policy if a parent/student is not happy with their condition.  In the event that a used book is unavailable, a new replacement will be offered and the difference billed.
  • All used resources are priced at a 30% discount from the new price.

Payment Processing

Payment can be made by VISA, Master Card, Interac Online or cheque/cash.  Please contact CSBE directly if you want to make alternate payment arrangements.

Your credit card information continues to be protected by Network Solution’s Secure Site encryption and identity verification technology.

Those who prefer to pay by cheque should print their order confirmation and mail it with payment to:

Canadian School Book Exchange, 5-3300 Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga, Ontario  L5L 5Z9. 

Orders for those paying by cheque will not be processed until the cheque has been received.


You will receive an email notification when your order has been placed and when your books are being shipped and you will have the ability to view on-line any previous orders you have placed by logging in through the CSBE Online Bookstore.  If you choose to purchase only new textbooks and your complete order is in-stock, CSBE will ship your order immediately.  Please note that most orders will not be shipped until mid-August.

  • For your convenience, it is important that you include a delivery address where someone will be available during business hours to sign for your shipment – please consider using a business address rather than your home address for delivery where appropriate.
  • Alternatively, you may flag your order as a pickup order.  CSBE will call you when your order is ready and shipping will be deducted.

What if a teacher changes book requirements after I’ve placed my order?

Selecting the AUTOBILL option on the payment page offers parents a choice of CSBE automatically adding any new curriculum books to their current order.  If parents do not use this option, they will be notified by email of the new books added.  Parents can then edit their existing order online…or call CSBE for assistance!

Book Returns

CSBE has a very generous returns policy.  All books are returnable (in original condition) no questions asked through October 15, 2012.  After that date, books can still be returned no questions asked within 2 weeks of shipping, and many books can still be returned after that but may be charged a restocking fee depending on the publisher return policies.  Detailed returns policies and instructions are provided on the online store and with each shipment.

For Further Assistance

For assistance in using the CSBE Online Bookstore or to answer any questions, you can email CSBE at inetsales@csbe.net or phone 905-828-7200 if you do not have access to the Internet.

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Everest is based in Thornhill, Ontario in the York region, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Everest Academy is an alternative school founded by Farell Duclair, former CFL football player, on the idea that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes, and people when given the opportunity and resources.