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Transportation Application Request

Please complete the following form to submit your request for school transportation services for the upcoming school year (2018-2019).  Students are transported on school vans or our larger bus service depending on routing. Fees are charged monthly and depend on distance from the school using a zone model and the cost of the services we are using, similar to other paid transportation services.

We ask that everyone who needs transportation for next year, complete this form EVEN if you are already using our program or have mentioned it to Admissions or someone else at Everest.  For new Everest families, please make sure you fully specify your address so we can determine any route adjustments needed in an efficient way.

Completing the form is the best way to make sure your request is in our system.

Parent Name:

Student Name:

Home Phone:

Parent Email:

Address for Pick-up or Drop-off:

Busing Service Requested:

Other Comments or Requests (be detailed)



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