Everest Academy

Vice Principal

Vice Principal

Everest Academy is always looking for exceptional individuals who enjoy helping our student-athletes reach their maximum potential – in sports, music and other endeavours. Successful candidates are strong in the following areas:

  • interpersonal skills
  • certifications and job-related experiences
  • networking for recruiting purposes
  • dedication to reaching the maximum potential of their careers
  • aptitudes with technology including on-line learning
  • familiar with working in a private school environment
  • experience working with athletic-oriented students

The School Administrator (VP) in charge of Academic Development and Athletic Counselling

Athletic Counselling

  1. Disseminate knowledge of NCAA athletic recruiting, rules and regulations to coaches, administrative staff, parents, and existing guidance staff.
  2. Maintain and foster connections between Everest and NCAA athletic programs and their staff.
  3. Advertise and market our program as a feeder program for NCAA athletic programs.
  4. Develop an NCAA guidance and scholarship program for Everest.
  5. Travel extensively in the United States visiting athletic programs in the NCAA.
  6. Facilitate communication among athletic staff and academic staff

Academic Development

  1. Develop, implement, and maintain SAT/ACT Test Preparation Program
  2. Train existing staff in SAT/ACT test preparation
  3. Develop, implement, and maintain guidance program for potential CIS/NCAA athletes
  4. Develop, implement, and maintain Advanced Placement Course Program as an extension of existing Ontario Curriculum, including Pre-AP Program in grades 7-12.
  5. Train existing staff in Advanced Placement Program
  6. Facilitate professional development for teachers in the Advanced Placement Program.
  7. Monitor, develop, and/or maintain existing academic programming
  8. Extensive knowledge of Ontario Ministry of Education expectations and regulations
  9. Extensive knowledge of Ontario Ministry of Education course curriculum.
  10. Develop and implement academic initiatives and programming that would provide a competitive advance for the school in the current marketplace.

Job Qualifications:

  1. 5 years experience in NCAA Consulting.
  2. 3 years experience as a school administrator
  3. 8 years experience working in a secondary school setting
  4. A bachelors and masters degree in education, preferably from a U.S institution.
  5. Extensive knowledge of NCAA athletic programs and the U.S University system.
  6. Extensive knowledge of the SAT/ACT tests and test preparation programs
  7. Extensive knowledge of the Advance Placement Program (AP).
  8. Strong interpersonal skills.
  9. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  10. A wealth of contacts within the NCAA coaching and recruiting community.
  11. An athletic career as a 4 year NCAA athlete is preferable.

Salary for fully qualified candidate is in the range of $50-$55/hour and includes health plan benefits, lunch plan and athletic membership.

If you feel you are a qualified candidate,  please submit your cover letter with explanation and a well-written resume to jobs@everestacademies.com (spollack@everestacademies.com). Not all submissions will be followed up on.

Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest is based in Thornhill, Ontario in the York region, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Everest Academy is an alternative school founded by Farell Duclair, former CFL football player, on the idea that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes, and people when given the opportunity and resources.