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Everest Academy Opens Second Location on Dynamic Drive in Scarborough

Everest Academy announces the establishment of a second location to reach student-athletes in the eastern regions of the GTA. This new location is at 100 Dynamic Drive in Scarborough. The new school is approximately 300 meters from the CanLan Ice Sports facility off Markham Road just south of the 407. Everest will offer its full S.E.L.F. program at this location starting September, 2014. Applications for enrollment are available now.

Here are some important details about this new school and its location:

  • It is a private facility dedicated to Everest Academy 7 days a week
  • First year enrollment will target 65 students from grades 9 through 12 and Post-Grad
  • The near-by CanLan facilities include hockey, on-site fitness, box lacrosse and golf
  • Full-time academic programming will start in September, 2014
  • After-school programs, including tutoring services and evening classes start January, 2014

We are very excited by this expansion as it allows us to increase the reach of our program to the Eastern and South Eastern areas of the GTA, including the Beach.  Additionally, the near-by CanLan facility provides a tier-1 environment for many of Everest’s Skill development programs, including Hockey, Lacrosse and Golf.

The following Q&A section is provided to address many of the questions that you may have. Additionally, parents can contact our Admissions department to schedule a tour, ask questions or otherwise explore in more detail attending Everest Academy. Our Admissions department can be reached at 905.881.3335. 


Is Everest moving the Thornhill location to Dynamic Drive?

No. Everest will continue to operate both locations, maintain both program offerings and grow their respective student populations.

Can I choose either of the two locations for next year?

Yes, during the enrollment process, you can select the appropriate location based on what is offered. The Dynamic Drive location will initially be established for our Secondary program (grades 9-12) and expanded in subsequent years to accommodate the full range of grades that Everest offers. At this initial stage, there is not appropriate facilities to operate an Elementary program.

Will bus service be provided at both locations?

Yes, the school will offer a bus service for both locations. As always, busing details are established in August of each school year once the needs of our families are identified.

Can my son/daughter train at either location?

We will have some flexibility to offer access to both locations but the in-school programs will remain local to each location.  We will invite each group to train with the other group throughout the year at special training events as well as organize intramurals and competitive games as appropriate for the various skills offered. More importantly, some of our training staff will visit both locations so that we can increase the mix of coaches and expertize that each student-athlete has access to.

Will Everest students have gym memberships or access to gyms at both facilities?

Yes. The Thornhill students will continue to have a membership at the Pavilion and the Dynamic Drive students will have both access to the fitness studio in the CanLan facility and we are exploring gaining access to the Goodlife Fitness center across the street on Markham Road.

What Skills development will be offered at the new facility?

Our initial program focus will include Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse and Fitness. This will expand as we get to know the area better and as we grow the student population.

Will a full meal plan be provided?

Yes, we will have a similar buffet and snack style meal plan available at Dynamic Drive. Details on the menu will be worked out over the months prior to the start of classes.

Can I switch between the two locations if I decide the other one is ultimately more appropriate for my son/daughter?

Yes, we would treat this as an informal mid-term transfer but also encourage no more than 1 transfer during the school year.

Will students be able to split their academics over two locations?

Our initial feeling is that trying to attend both school locations for academics is impractical, especially given a commute is required. Nonetheless, we won’t prevent this if logistics can be managed.

How will travel work between the two campuses during the day?

If any travel is needed for the school program, Everest will provide suitable busing services.

Will Principal Sim be the Principal at both locations or will you have a second Principal?

Principal Sim will add to his responsibilities the role of Dean of Education, overseeing both locations in addition to being on-site as Principal of our larger location (Thornhill). The new location will have a senior academic staff member/Vice Principal carrying out the duties of Principal as needed working with Mr. Sim as appropriate.

Will Mr. Winstanley be Athletic Director for both locations?

Vice Principal/Athletic Director Mr. Winstanley will oversee both locations much like Principal Sim. We will also have a senior athletic resource at Dynamic Drive as needed to oversee the program working under Mr. Winstanley’s direction.

Will tuition costs be the same at both locations?

Yes, the fee structure will be the same at both locations.

Will the new location also be open to international students?

Yes, we will be offering a full ESL program as needed and expect to enroll international students at Dynamic Drive.

Will the new location be able to offer evening and weekend programs?

Yes, as we have full 7 day a week access to the Dynamic Drive location, we are shortly launching some after school/weekend programs of which all of our current families (as well as prospective students) can take advantage. Details on these programs will be circulated in January.

Can the students access the new facility after school hours?

Students from both locations can access Dynamic Drive for organized programs or if otherwise arranged with a senior administrative person. Students might be interested in access to the planned study area and IT lab as needed. For security reasons, the location will be locked outside of school hours.

Will the same uniform policy be used?


Will the same daily schedule be used?


Will the Pavilion remain the main administration office for the school?

Yes, although some administration will be done at each location for parent convenience.

Will the spend-a-day program be available for prospective students to visit the new school?

Yes, although for the upcoming school year, students will have to attend a spend-a-day at Thornhill to experience the program. We will organize tours of Dynamic Drive and CanLan as needed in advance of next September. These tours and events can be scheduled through our Admissions department as they are now.

What classes will be offered?

Both schools will offer the current school curriculum which is highly driven by student demand and/or guidance recommendations.

Will class sizes be the same, more or less?

Class sizes will remain approximately the same as the Thornhill location. The Dynamic Drive rooms are configured for up to 12 students maximum.

Will Everest EOLC continue to be available at this new location?

Yes, the Everest EOLC on-line learning platform remains integral to the Everest program and will be used at both locations.

Will the school still be centered on the philosophy of the S.E.L.F. program?

Yes, this is essential to the long term plans of Everest.

Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest is based in Thornhill, Ontario in the York region, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Everest Academy is an alternative school founded by Farell Duclair, former CFL football player, on the idea that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes, and people when given the opportunity and resources.