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Students at Everest Academy are supported by a broad range of accredited course offerings, post-secondary counselling, and college scholarship services, all to ensure that the student has access to the best post-secondary opportunities. All courses offered at Everest Academy are academic level and fully accredited by the Ministry of Ontario.

Lower Elementary (Gr.1 to Gr.2)

High-quality early learning experiences are crucial for establishing a foundation for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will affect later learning and behaviour. Grounded in knowledge of child development and providing an environment that encourages students to be active learners and accept new challenges, Everest offers early learning that build on and extend a young children’s intuitive and informal knowledge.

Reading success is the foundation for achievement throughout the early school years since children who successfully learn to read in the early primary years are well prepared to read for learning and for pleasure in the years to come.

Developing a solid mathematical foundation from Gr.1 is essential for children as they are building beliefs about what mathematics is, about what it means to know and do mathematics, and about themselves as mathematics learners. These beliefs influence their thinking about, performance in, and attitudes toward mathematics and decisions related to studying mathematics and other sciences in later years.

Gr. 1 to Gr. 2 students can expect a very unique experience that will prepare them for future academic and athletic success all in a small class setting that never exceeds 15-1.

Elementary and Middle School (Gr.3 to Gr.6, Gr.7 to Gr.8)

For students in grades three to five, the literature-based reading curriculum continues to emphasize comprehension and confidence in reading skills. Students further their learning experience with book projects, writer’s notebooks, oral reporting and formal speeches.

In Mathematics, multiplication and division are introduced. Fractions, measurement and the use of graphing and spreadsheets come into the picture. By fifth grade, fractions, decimals and equivalents are mastered and pre-algebra and pre-geometry are introduced. Students in this group begin to excel in their knowledge of the world around them. Social Studies, Science and Environmental Studies are in-depth and challenging.

For students in grades six to eight, extensive training in research, writing and presentation skills equips each child with the essential “competitive edge” for advanced academic pursuits. Emphasis is placed on building strong vocabulary and language abilities. In addition, our reading program for middle school presents a very challenging selection of important works for reading and discussion.

Additionally, the Mathematics program becomes more specialized, with many students moving on to algebra and introductory concepts in geometry. The Science curriculum includes special studies such as landfills, water purity and ecology. These unique units of study demonstrate the interrelationships between different disciplines, including math, science, environmental studies, social studies and even move into writing, presentation, and speech.

The middle school program also introduces a rotary class model so the kids can start experiencing the high school environment and get used to having more than one teacher.

Grade 7 – Ethan Stannard demonstrates his bridge building skills

High School (Gr. 9 to Gr. 12)

Everest Academy offers high school students a diverse range of courses that are relevant to students’ lives and futures, providing them with stimulating challenges and the opportunity to reach their full academic potential.  Everest Academy offers all the relevant university preparatory courses at the advanced level, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Our dedicated teachers are accredited and committed to the growth and development of each student. Teachers bring varied teaching and assessment approaches to the classroom, addressing different student needs and ensuring deep and durable learning opportunities for every student. Students at Everest Academy are supported by post-secondary counselling and college scholarship services, all to ensure that every student has access to the best post-secondary opportunities.

Post-Grad Year (“Victory Lap/Grade 13”)

Everest Academy also offers a unique post-grad program geared towards those students that need to further develop either their academic or athletic standing as part of preparing for post-secondary opportunities. Students can work to upgrade marks in core areas or increase their skills training and competitive activity to further build their achievement resumes. This program is especially appealing for students who are pursuing specialized programs in the US and Canada but don’t yet have the required prerequisites. The Post Grad program can be taken on full or part-time basis.

After School/Evening/Weekend Programs

Everest has a full range of after school, weekend and evening programs. Click Here for more details.

Music, Certifications, Clubs and other Activities

All Everest students are also offered exposure to programs such as music and technology and partake in a variety of certification classes such as CPR, first aid and others throughout the school year as interest and time permits. Music can also be selected as a major skill development area and pursued with the same intensity as any Everest athletic program (click Here for more on Music).

These additional activities are often organized by the teachers based on the interests of the students. Clubs are formed by the students themselves and supported by the academic staff as appropriate. by the time a student graduates Everest Academy with their high school diploma, they will have accumulated a wealth of additional experience that improves their chances of success as they progress with their careers.

On-line Learning

All Everest students have access to a full web-based on-line learning platform (Everest EOLC – www.myonlineschool.com) to supplement in-class learning. It is a platform dedicated to the needs of Everest Academy. Students (and parents) can easily keep abreast of class deadlines, school events, tests, assignments and other important learning information using this platform. Teachers often post study notes and other supporting materials students can pro-actively use to maximize their in-class achievements. Students who are heavily involved in competitive skills outside of the classroom can stay current through the on-line platform.

Everest parents are also provided on-line access allowing them to stay current with what is going on in the classroom and with the school as a whole. Everest EOLC can also be used to securely and confidentially interact with Everest teachers, coaches and other parents dramatically improving the interaction between everyone. There is no longer of feeling of not knowing what is going on in school.

Academic Only Program

Everest Academy provides an academic-only program for those students who may want the full benefits of a private school education but perhaps are not interested in the athletics or music programs as well. The academic only program for high school students sees classes start at 10:40 (sleep in time) and ends at 3:50. Elementary students start at 8:40 and finish at 2:40. Tuition is competitive with the traditional private school model for academic-only programs (see Admissions).

Honour Roll

Each year, Everest students are recognized for outstanding academic achievements. One of the key achievements is to be a part of the honour roll, which is accorded to students who reach an overall average of 80% or more. The Principal also recognizes in a special way, students who achieve an overall average of 90% or more.

Click Here to see the current Everest Honour Roll.

Everest Academy hosts a Graduation and Gala event every year. During the event the grade 8’s and grade 12’s receive their diplomas, and Everest academic and athletic awards are awarded. The following video are some highlights of the night.

“Everest Academy has helped our son start to learn and unlock his potential”
– Don Ducasse

Everest Academy is supporting our son’s dream both academically and athletically.
– Angela Alberga

“What has impressed us the most so far is the balance that Everest provides our son.  He is gaining an appreciation for how to do more in less time and is learning to prioritize his time and effort.  He also has a finer appreciation for his health and nutrition, and above all, is in better spirits at the end of each day.”
– Dave Fabian

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Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest is based in Thornhill, Ontario in the York region, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Everest Academy is an alternative school founded by Farell Duclair, former CFL football player, on the idea that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes, and people when given the opportunity and resources.