Everest Academy

Elementary Lacrosse Program

The Programs

Elementary Developmental Program (grades 1-4)

Everest Academy offers Lacrosse starting in grade 1. The Developmental program is based around fundamentals and introducing the basic skills of Lacrosse. Young student-athletes focus will be directed to stick skills, understanding the basics of the game, and ultimately having fun.  Everest uniquely introduces players to both Field and Box (indoor) Lacrosse — introducing both styles of Lacrosse helps with a speedier development of the player’s individual skill.

Elementary Elite – (grades 5-8)

The Elementary Elite Lacrosse program is designed to enhance each player’s individual skill set, as it is very difficult for a club team coach to focus solely on individual player’s skills during the competitive season. Each day will have a different Skills focus, which will include stick cradling, shooting skills, dodging, game situational drills and overall lacrosse IQ.  Our coaching goal is to greatly improve each player’s individual skills, strengthen their foundation and make them better lacrosse players. Players will be given the opportunity to compete in tournaments and exhibition games throughout the school year. Everest student-athletes will be taught how to conduct themselves on and off the field and represent the school team with the utmost class when participating in competitive game play.