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Enroll 2014-2015

Enrollment Package (2014-2015 Academic Year)

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Congratulations on deciding to enroll at Everest Academy. This page contains all of the forms and information you need to complete the enrollment process. If you have any questions about the process, please contact us directly at Contact Us.

Entrance Exam

As part of enrollment at Everest Academy, you may be asked to complete the formal entrance exam. If you are asked to complete the entrance exam, please click Here for full details on the process.

Main Enrollment Documents

As part of the enrollment process, the following forms must be read, completed, signed, and submitted as appropriate.

Item Description Download
Enrollment Agreement
This is the main agreement to enroll at Everest Academy. Please complete all sections appropriately. #
Physical Examination Form (Annual) Take this to your child’s doctor and have it completed as part of a full annual physical examination #
Administering of Prescribed Medication
in School(If applicable)
If your child needs medication administered at school, please have this form filled out by your child’s doctor. Some follow up may occur so the school understands what is required. #
Allergy Trigger and Response Form Please complete regardless if your son/daughter has any allergies. The school needs confirmation either way with this chart. #
Emergency Contact Form
A one-page form that helps identify who the school needs to contact in case of emergencies. #
General Waiver Form
General waiver for kids to participate in all school activities #
Student Code Conduct Agreement
All Students and Parents must read and sign the school code of conduct. It defines a variety of important policies including suspensions and expulsion processes. #
Health History Questionnaire
(New Students Only)
This form is completed by the Parent and Student working together. It fully documents relevant health history needed as part of preparing for an athletic program. #
Birth Certificate
(New Students Only)
Please provide a copy of you child’s birth certificate. N/A
Previous Report Card
(New Students Only)
Please provide a copy of your child’s most recent report card. N/A

Academic and Athletic Programs

Course Selection Form
(Secondary Students)
For new families, this will be emailed through the summer
Athletics Selection Form
(All Students)
Visit www.everestacademies.com/sports-selection in August to make your initial selections
Everest On-Line Learning Center (EOLC) Registration
Everest makes extensive use of its EOLC platform to support in-class learning. Parents and students should download the registration instructions and make sure they are fully enrolled before the school year starts. Visit www.everestelc.com to register

Bussing and Transportation

Bussing Policy Agreement The student is required to read and sign this document to agree to the code of conduct and responsibilities while enjoying any school transportation. #

Tuition and other Financial Matters

Payment Method – Postdated Cheques included Once payment method is selected, please provide Post-dated Cheques or make other suitable arrangements for payments. N/A
Tuition Refund Policy and Procedure Every family must read, agree and sign the refund policy as part of the enrollment process. #


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Everest Academy Strives To Provide An Exceptional Experience That Is Affordable For Today’s Families.
Everest is based in Thornhill, Ontario in the York region, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Everest Academy is an alternative school founded by Farell Duclair, former CFL football player, on the idea that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes, and people when given the opportunity and resources.