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Athletic Training and Fitness

The Everest S.E.L.F. platform is unique in its ability to promote a lifelong love for fitness. Our athletic training and fitness program is deeply embedded in our philosophy that a strong body supports learning. From athletic training and personal fitness programs to our certified chef-cooked meals, Everest exudes a positive, healthy environment. Everest provides the best opportunities and resources for today’s students to put into practice the key principles for performance training and health and fitness.

Every Everest student takes part in our athletic training and fitness program regardless of what level they are pursuing one or more skills. As part of the regular curriculum, students are assessed and evaluated 3 times per year and provided with customize training to maximize their athletic development and fitness. Advanced sports science is applied in developing sophisticated systems for the best results.

Everest Strength and Conditioning

Everest student-athletes take part in our strength and conditioning program up to 5 times per week.  The program introduces the fundamentals of movement mechanics, recovery and regeneration, speed and agility, resistance/strength training, core stability, and explosiveness training.

We have a movement first philosophy and follow a LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) for different ages.  Age specific functional strength and performance testing is performed three times per school year to track and monitor individual progress.  Testing results are also provided online through Everest EOLC for parents to access.

Our LTAD Categories:


  • Students are exposed to basic fitness concepts in a fun and engaging manner
  • Promotion of locomotor skills
  • Improve upper and lower body strength
  • Improve cardio respiratory endurance
  • Experiment with movement


  • Focus on building movement patterns
  • Introduction to weight training (bands, weight vests, free weights)
  • Experiment with motor patterns as they develop and change physically


  • Introduction to sport related training
  • Increase focus on form-based instruction
  • Increased training intensity

Our Facility

The Everest Elite Performance Facility features:

  • Olympic lifting stations
  • Assault Air Bikes
  • Athletic Turf Area
  • Dedicated Conditioning Room
  • Drive Sleds
  • Free Weights, Kettlebells, Super-bands, Medicine Balls and more.
  • Basketball court


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Fitness program:

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Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest Academy is one of Canada’s fastest growing K-12 private schools dedicated to the development of high achieving students. Whether it’s excellence in sports, music, arts or academics, Everest Academy students ‘do what they love, love what they do.’ Built around our unique S.E.L.F.(TM) program model, Everest Academy students experience a fully integrated Skill, Education, Leadership and Fitness platform which is second to none. Combined with an innovative on-line learning platform, Everest Academy students can advance their skill development anywhere, anytime allowing them to “live their dreams”.