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The Everest Academy golf program enables students to reach their potential as both athletes and people by teaching the value of practice to achieve excellence, use new levels of concentration to get best results and develop above average eye-hand co-ordination to make those special shots come true. The program is developed and led by Henry Brunton, BPE.

Students, working with Henry and his team, will experience a comprehensive and systematic approach to their training. They will develop and improve on sound technical fundamentals, ball striking skills, short game proficiency, on course performance and personal development throughout the golf season. Students will experience an intensive training program for those looking to make golf a career choice, including students looking towards an NCAA path.

Henry Brunton and his team have an unparalleled record in Canadian golf for developing junior golfers who graduate to NCAA and CIS University golf teams.

The Program

  • Term 1 – September through November (10 weeks)
  • Term 2 – (Optional) Indoors for November through January (10 weeks)
  • Winter Camp – Select student-athletes travel for a special 10-day camp to PGA Academy in Florida (extra costs apply)
  • Term 3 – (Optional) Indoors for February through April (10 weeks)
  • Term 4 – April through June (10 weeks)

Key areas of coaching and training

  • Academics are priority #1 – student-athletes are encouraged to work ahead with assignments and exam studying so that golf does not get in the way of school and vice –versa;
  • Ensuring that core fundamentals are sound (grip, stance, ball position, alignment, and posture);
  • Devising a written performance plan that clearly outlines goals and planned action for golf and personal development;
  • Getting the body into top physical condition to withstand the rigors of high performance training and competitive golf;
  • Adopting excellent nutrition and hydration habits;
  • Playing with equipment and balls that are correctly fitted and best suited to their game;
  • Refining swing technique with coaching, feedback, and effective training;
  • Learning, training, and measuring short game skills;
  • Training the mind to be quiet and focused on the target before each shot by following a mental pre–shot routine and post–shot routine;
  • Preparing and following game plans in concert with course maps;
    Implementing effective course management strategies;
  • Learning the Rules of Golf and being able to effectively implement them in competitive situations;
  • Practicing to build skills and enhance performance;

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Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest Academy is one of Canada’s fastest growing K-12 private schools dedicated to the development of high achieving students. Whether it’s excellence in sports, music, arts or academics, Everest Academy students ‘do what they love, love what they do.’ Built around our unique S.E.L.F.(TM) program model, Everest Academy students experience a fully integrated Skill, Education, Leadership and Fitness platform which is second to none. Combined with an innovative on-line learning platform, Everest Academy students can advance their skill development anywhere, anytime allowing them to “live their dreams”.