Everest Academy

Golf Training Methodology

Henry Brunton Golf is committed to providing Everest Golf Athletes with a best in class high performance golf development program. Henry Brunton and his Coaching Staff conduct exceptional coaching and training for Everest Golf at Eagles Nest Golf Club- Canada’s #1 public golf facility located five minutes north of Everest Academy.  In the winter months, Everest Golf is conducted at the Henry Brunton Golf Performance Studio at Eagles Nest -a state of the art indoor facility. As well, Everest student-athletes have the opportunity to go to train and compete in Florida at GenNXT Orlando – a high performance academy for junior golfers operated by Henry Brunton Golf USA.

Golf’s 3 Essential Skills

Everest Golf coaching and training activities will focus on developing golf’s 3 essential skills:

  1. Ball Control – Developing sound fundamentals and club delivery patterns that enables athletes to control the distance, direction, trajectory and spin of their shots.
  2. Self-Management – To enable the individual to effectively control and manage their thoughts, emotions and behavior so that they can access and optimize their physical skills in Competition.
  3. Decision-Making – To train golf athletes to make prudent strategic and tactical choices on the golf course that leads to their best results.

Everest Golf – The Road to the NCAA and Beyond

Henry Brunton is a world leader in golf coaching and elite golf athlete development. High performance junior golfers, college golfers and professional golfers who aspire to advance to the NCAA/PGA Tour/LPGA Tour are invited to participate in Everest Golf. This is specialized coaching and training combined with Everest education that gets guaranteed measurable results!

Our Mission/Intention

  • Provide participating golf athletes with best in class coaching, training and support.
  • ​To be the recognized industry leader – Gold Standard – in elite golf athlete training and player development.
  • Provide participating golf athletes with a fun and dynamic learning and training environment that develops skill, confidence, and gets long-term results.
  • Support and inspire participating athletes to realize their goals and full potential as people and golfers.

Our Values & Beliefs

  • Each athlete is unique
  • There is no one best way to swing or to play
  • Every golfer needs to discover their most effective style and way of playing the game
  • Effort and attitude are critical factors in development and performance
  • Parents/Guardians/Sponsors play a pivotal role in athlete development and performance

Why Choose Everest Golf?

  • Gold Standard- If you want to be the best you can be- train with the best high- performance golf academy coaching staff
  • Boutique style – small number’s 100% focus on the athletes.
  • Exceptional Coaching – Henry Brunton Golf has a long proven track record of developing world class golfers.
  • Technology – Everest Athletes will have access to TrackMan and video technology for training.
  • Superb training facilities- Full-time access to world class range and short game training areas; Access to Henry Brunton Golf Performance Studio powered by TrackMan during indoor season/winter months
  • Premium golf balls for practice, just like PGA/LPGA Tour.
  • Location – Everest Golf is based at Eagles Nest GC – 5  minutes from Everest Academy
  • Access to GenNXT Orlando- Everest Golf Athletes can train, study and compete at GenNXT Orlando. Central Florida is one of golf’s most desirable locations & the home base for over 150 PGA/LPGA Touring Professionals.

Everest Golf Academy Pledge to Athletes/Parents/Guardians/Sponsors

  • We will provide all Everest Golf Athletes with a safe, fun and stimulating golf development coaching and training program that gets measurable results.
  • We will treat all athletes as individuals.
  • We will provide athletes/parents/guardians/sponsors with honest feedback on the development ongoing – detailed monthly reports.
  • We will do our best to help each Everest Athlete reach their full potential as athletes and people.

Everest Academy is partnered with Henry Brunton Golf to offer the best possible golf program to Everest student-athletes. In the winter months, students have the opportunity to go to Florida to train as GenNXT athletes.

GenNXT is focused on the total development of the person so that the best golf athlete and the best person will emerge over time.

Teaching and Coaching Methodology: The Four Steps to Mastery

Everest and GenNXT student-athletes will experience the following teaching and coaching methodology- The Four Steps to Mastery. This is not a swing method. It is a proven training and coaching methodology for skills development and peak performance utilized by Dr. Jensen for over two decades, resulting in 199 PGA/LPGA Tour Wins. Following the Four Steps to Mastery leads to skills acquisition and improved competition performance in time.