Everest Academy

3 on 3 Annual Intramural Hockey Tournament

The Everest Academy annual 3 on 3 hockey tournament is a great way for our student athletes and staff to have some fun and increase school spirit as the year winds down.  The tournament runs the entire month of May and concludes in early June of each year.  The 3 on 3 tournament is a great way to add some competition and allow our students to enrich their skills and build confidence going into the summer.

Each team will be coached and managed by an Everest staff member. Each student participating in the tournament will be added to the Everest Draft list and selected to a team.  Once the teams have been selected the rosters and schedule will be posted both on line and in the main office.

The tournament will see each team play multiple round robin games followed by a playoff round. The winner of the tournament will then defend the student athlete championship against the Everest Academy all-star staff team.

Teams Schedule and Results

Annual Rules and Guidelines

  • 15 minute no contact run time games
  • After goals the scoring team must clear the blue line
  • Penalties will be called by coaches (they are chase penalty shots)
  • Offsides are called
  • All players must have a white and coloured shirt with them for each game
  • Each coach should have a whistle to make offside and penalty calls
  • Fair ice, not equal ice
  • If your team goalie is missing the opposing coach gets to choose who plays for your team (other teams goalies should be ready)
  • If recruits are here they will play for the team with the least amount of players or the worst record
  • Only players drafted to your team can play for your team, if you have less than 3 players you forfeit
  • Coaches are responsible for making sure your team has proper jersey on and being on time to start the game. We have three game on each pad per day so we need to keep things moving along.
  • Where possible, we’ll have time keepers for each game to keep the score.
  • Standings will be posted after each day at the school
  • Schedules will be posted in the school and at the Pavilion office.
  • Trade deadline will be May 23 (9:00am)
  • 4 goal maximum per player per game

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