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Mid-Term Transfer Program

Mid-Term Transfer Program

Changing schools in the middle of a school term can be traumatic for a student. Faced with the possibility of making new friends, new teachers, new routines and often a different pace of school life overall, families tend to stay in a less than optimal situations longer than they should. The student falls further behind or becomes entrenched in underachieving which can carry forward to the next year regardless of what school they ultimately go to.

Everest Academy embraces students joining in the middle of the school term regardless of the term or semester boundary. Our staff work with each new student to establish what is needed to close any gaps in learning while the admin team works quickly to transfer and analyze the important Ontario Student Record (OSR) so credit assessment is managed properly. Fellow students welcome new friends and make sure they quickly acclimatize and feel comfortable with a new school routine.

The parents of new Everest Academy students are introduced to the Everest Academy On-Line (www.myonlineschool.com) site where they can use the Parent functions to stay abreast of how their child is doing in every class and in every athletic program they might enroll in. They can use the system to interact on-line with Teachers, other parents and the Vice Principal and Principal.

From Another Private School

If you are currently enrolled in another private school, Everest Academy will take into account the fees you may have already pre-paid for the remainder of the current school year in terms of how we price our tuition and overall program. The best pricing is achieved when you pre-commit for the following school year within 30 days of starting at Everest.

From A Public School

If you are currently enrolled in a public school, transferring is an easy process as our staff takes care of all the transfer logistics. For high school students, we’ll match up your course selections and if needed, create some 1-1 time for students to catch up on any materials missed. There is no need to wait until the start of the next school year to benefit from the Everest program.


The Admissions department can discuss either of these scenarios with you in more detail. Consider applying for a mid-term transfer as the best way to get the best without further delay. Don’t let bad student habits or a bad school scenario continue for more than it needs to. Take advantage of what Everest Academy has to offer — experience Excellence Happens Every Day.

For full details on the enrollment process, please visit our web site at www.everestacademies.com/admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Risk Losing My Current Grades or Credits?

No. All schools are required to provide the new school with the information needed to make sure the transfer is smooth and accurate. Everest Academy formally requests the Ontario Student Record (or equivalent) which contains all the information needed for a proper transition of the student’s current academic program.

Does Everest Academy Have all the Courses I Currently am Taking?

When transferring mid-term, it may be that Everest does not have all the courses the student is currently taking. It is important to tell the Admissions department what courses the new student is taking to see if we can accommodate all the requirements.  In some cases, the teachers can offer a similar course and provide a quick catch up plan so the student completes the work that may have already been done. The teachers can also provide course materials on-line through the Everest EOLC system — students can then catch up at their own pace.

If I Need Busing, can I be Added to the route?

Yes. It may take a few days for the bus to be redirected to your area but you should be on the pick-up/drop-off schedule within a few days of starting at Everest Academy.

If I have Not Been Actively in a Sports Program, Can I still Participate in the Sports Programs at Everest?

Yes. The sports programs focus on skill development so an individualized program is put in place for each student as they arrive to match and improve their current skill level. Each student can make up to two sports choices each athletic term (4 terms per year) so there are opportunities for choice to explore a variety of athletics or focus exclusively on a single program up to 4 days per week.

Everest Academy is Canada’s leading K to 12 S.E.L.F.™ private school; dedicated to the holistic development of high-achieving students.
Everest Academy is one of Canada’s fastest growing K-12 private schools dedicated to the development of high achieving students. Whether it’s excellence in sports, music, arts or academics, Everest Academy students ‘do what they love, love what they do.’ Built around our unique S.E.L.F.(TM) program model, Everest Academy students experience a fully integrated Skill, Education, Leadership and Fitness platform which is second to none. Combined with an innovative on-line learning platform, Everest Academy students can advance their skill development anywhere, anytime allowing them to “live their dreams”.