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Post Grad Curriculum

Post Grad Curriculum

This new program is mandatory for all post-grad students.

Each student will be assigned or can ask a teacher to mentor their PG year. Each month will consist of a seminar to introduce the unit of study (video taped). The module will be found on Everest EOLC with appropriate tasks and direction. An individual recap meeting takes place with the student and the mentor when the activity is finished. The student is responsible to organize and schedule all meetings. The mentor is responsible to guide the student and report to the PG coordinator.

Learning Skills

  • researching and citation
  • organization of notes and binders
  • time management
  • scheduling
  • email setup and etiquette

Job search/Career

  • cover letter
  • resume
  • job search and interviews
  • College/University/NCAA applications
  • give an understanding of apprenticing in the workplace
  • students will experience at least 2 real-life job interviews

Life Skills

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • household management

Community Service

  • Food drive
  • “Out of the Cold” setup and take down
  • Serving at a soup kitchen

Study Habits

  • Time management
  • Test taking strategies
  • Study development
  • Group studying

Budgeting and Finance

  • Dorm room setup and meal plan for the week.
  • Rent
  • Monthly spending/bills
  • Computer tools for finance management


  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Facilitate an Everest Motivational Monday session

Culmination event is a Spring camping trip for all Post-Grad students that they completely organize manage on their own.

If you are interesting in lending your work environment to our Post-Grad students, please contact the school directly at 905.881.3335. We are looking for Everest parents to help us set up real job interview situations and possible very short term co-op placements for our participants.

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