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Everest Academy Prep Hockey Program

Everest Academy Prep Hockey Program

One of Everest’s fastest growing programs, Prep Hockey is ideal for student-athletes looking for high quality experiences as part of the path to Junior or College hockey.  The prep program is designed to provide student-athletes looking for more options to develop their hockey careers.  Student-athletes experience a highly competitive environment while at the same time gaining much needed NCAA exposure all in a tier one private school customized academic setting. This exciting program will also provide an option for International students with study visas as they can participate without needing further approvals. The program prepares student-athletes for the next level of their hockey careers.

We recruit student-athletes to join the Everest Academy Prep teams to compete throughout the school year in both league, tournament and exhibition play throughout Eastern Canada, the US and on occasion, touring Europe.

To schedule a try out at any time, please contact us directly at 905.881.3335. Note that ALL prep team players must also be enrolled in Everest Academy.

Click Here to see the Prep Hockey team roster.

Here are some high level details about our prep team program:

  • The prep teams with mostly compete in prep team tournaments throughout the Northern US and Eastern Canada.
  • Student-athletes will travel 2-3 times per month for tournaments and play a total of about 50-65 games during the season depending on team success.
  • All training occurs during the school day (4-5 sessions per week), evening and non-travel weekend time is mostly free for other activities.
  • The school tuition and team fee will cover all team member costs related to the prep team including education, road travel, lodging, athletic equipment and uniforms.
  • Prep team student-athletes benefit from the use of Everest EOLC, our on-line learning platform, to stay current with studies when travelling for team events.
  • Out of town students can be hosted in our school residence which includes evening and weekend programs.

If you wish to apply to a prep team program and possibly schedule a try-out, please send your academic and athletic resumes to prepteam@everestacademies.com.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Coaching Staff

TimArmstrong-small Tim Armstrong (Head Coach) -Tim played his minor hockey with the Young Nats of the GTHL prior to joining the OPJHL Markham Waxers at the age of 16. From there he went on to play for the OHL’s Toronto Marlboros and served as their captain for his final year. Drafted by his hometown Maple Leafs he went on to play 3 seasons for the AHL Newmarket Saints. During his second season with the Leafs organization Tim played part of the 1988-89 campaign with the NHL club realizing a lifelong dream. Tim’s career also included time with Asiago Italy, Feldkirch Austria and the New York rangers AHL affiliate Binghamton.

For over 20 yrs Tim has coached or instructed hockey at many levels. Since 1988 Tim served as Instructor/Director of the Hockey Ministries camps in Aurora and Jacksons Point. Here he worked alongside many past and present NHL and pro athletes, teaching kids both hockey and life skills. In addition, he ran a variety of training programs in the town of East Gwillimbury and coached a number of minor hockey teams in that region. Tim also served as an Assistant Coach for a season with the St Mikes Majors in the OHL.

Tim uses his experience and passion for the game of hockey to assist all of the student-athletes at Everest to reach their goals both on the ice and in the classroom. He hopes to develop life skills and opportunities this great game can provide for them – as it has done for him in his life.  He is honoured and excited to be a part of the Everest team!

Tim is the proud father of four children, Luke age 25, Hannah age 24, Gabrielle age 22 and Jake age 20. Tim resides in Keswick and has lived in the Newmarket area since the beginning of his pro career in 1987.

 Ryan Wood-small Ryan Wood – (Associate Coach) – Ryan started his coaching career in 2005 in his hometown of Winnipeg. In 2007 to 2012, he followed his passion for hockey as a referee where he worked both Professional, Junior and Collegiate Hockey, in the USHL/NAHL/SPHL/IHL/CHL, where he became even more immersed in all areas of Hockey.

After a 5 year career as a referee Ryan moved to coaching the Bradford Bulls Jr Hockey Club and led them to a Russell Cup Championship in 2013-2014 after winning in his first year he moved on to be the GM and Head Coach of the Tottenham Steam.

Ryan then led the expansion team to back to back regular season championships in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 and his second Russell Cup Championship in 2015-2016.  Ryan takes great pride in his players development and player promotion.

He has promoted over 25 players to various college programs in Canada and USA and have helped many others advance to the NAHL, QMJHL and Tier 2 Junior programs under the Hockey Canada umbrella.

Ryan currently serves as an Eastern Scout for the Wichita Falls Wildcats of the NAHL and is a graduate of Red River College in Winnipeg.

Questions and Answers

What are some of the key benefits to playing on an Everest prep team?

There are many benefits including day-time practices, 4 times per week, no evening games during the school week, organized transportation to and from all events and a customized high school education program to support learning needs. All players receive extensive exposure to NCAA opportunities.

Who will the prep teams play?

The teams will compete against various U18 prep and travel programs across North America. The teams will also play a variety of exhibition games against specific schools with similar programs. Competition is generally at a high level.

Where will the teams travel to?

The majority of events are held in the North East and Central US as well as the GTA area. Students would typically depart on a Thursday and come back on a Sunday for most events.

When will the players train?

The team players will train during the school day as do all Everest student-athletes. This will provide the right balance with home and family life, versus evening or weekend practices. Overall costs are also lower as day-time facilities costs are less and Everest can leverage all of its coaching staff for training sessions. Strength and Conditioning classes, which occur up to 5 times per week, also occur during the school day.


Can we still play for my current team?

The travel schedules and practice schedules for the prep team will make it impractical to be on another team at the same time as an Everest prep team although students are often invited to play on Everest Varsity teams when these events occur through the school year.




With so much travelling, how will the school program be adjusted so the players do not fall behind?

The prep teams will be assigned one or more academic advisor’s who will spend time with students during trips to make sure work is done and learning continues to occur. Where possible, hotels will be chosen that have suitable rooms for education. The teams will also rely heavily on Everest On-Line Learning Center (EOLC) to make sure they stay current with study requirements. The Everest program overall is designed to accommodate the lifestyle of a student-athlete, this will remain a key focus of how the prep team is managed.

Can Parents travel with the team to see events?

We encourage parents to participate and support their child and his endeavors.

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