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Student-Athlete (Baseball) – Adam Cipollone

Student-Athlete (Baseball) Adam Cipollone

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(December, 2015)
Sport: Baseball
Age: 16
Team: Thornhill Reds, First Base, Pitcher
Motivational quote: “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way”

What has been your defining moment as an athlete to date?
“My defining moment would be when I went to Indiana to get scouted. It was a showcase, and we played an NCAA team. I pitched 5 2/3 innings, and finished the game with 0 ERA, and only 2 hits against. It made me feel really good about myself. I feel like I’ve really developed over the past year. The whole coaching staff and all my team members congratulated me. I was the youngest player on the team. A couple of the scouts actually told me that I did a good job afterwards. It was a big confidence booster.”

What is the most important part of your training regimen?
“I think that conditioning is the most important part of my training. College coaches and MLB teams are looking for fast players with good stamina. In my training, we do long distance runs and short 60m dashes. We also do uphill running.”

What important people have contributed to your success as an athlete?
“My family – my mom, my dad and my brother. As well as my coaches – Mr. Begg and Mr. Russell. They are the ones that got me where I am today. My parents motivate me to do better, to do the best I can, and to never give up. Mr. Begg and Mr. Russell tell me about their experiences in baseball, and share their skills and knowledge of the game.”

What do you do to prepare for a big game?
“I get into the car, and put on my playlist. I try to keep my mind off the game – I don’t want to get in my head and put pressure on myself. I like to listen to house music to get myself pumped up. I try to eat an hour before the game – usually it’s

What advice would you give to younger athletes who want to follow in your footsteps?
“I would tell them to never give up on their dreams. You need to work hard, and never let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Sometimes people take it to heart when they are told that they won’t be successful. But I say – prove them wrong. Work hard and prove them wrong.”

What adversity have you faced?
“When I was 10, I tried out for a rep team in Bolton. I didn’t make the team – the coach told me that I wasn’t good enough. But I didn’t give up or let the coach get me down. I went and tried out for another team – and made it. My team was very successful, and went on to win the championships (beating the first team I tried out for). It made me really excited and proud of myself. I didn’t give up.”

Who inspires you most?
“My dad inspires me most. He has been working hard my whole life to try and help my brother and I achieve our dreams. He didn’t go to college himself, so he really wants us to be able to have a higher education and make a better life for ourselves.”

What are your future aspirations as an athlete?
“First, I need to go to college. I’d like to get into a good college in the US and play NCAA division 1. Eventually, I would like to play in the MLB.”

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