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Student-Athlete (Baseball) – Nathan-Dallas Blackburn

Student-Athlete (Baseball) Nathan-Dallas Blackburn


(December, 2015)
Name: Nathan-Dallas Blackburn
Age: 19
School/Team: University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff, Division 1
Sport: Baseball
Position: OF

When did you graduate Everest Academy?
“I graduated from Everest Academy in June of 2014.”

Where are you currently attending school and how did you get there?
“I am currently attending the University of Arkansas–Pine Bluff on a baseball scholarship.
My recruitment started in December when I reached out to coaching staff by sending an email explaining my interest in the program with a video. The recruitment ended in February when I verbally committed.”

What does a typical day look like?
“A typical day for me consists of a team lift at 5:15 am – 7 am breakfast at 7:30 am; class from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm (depending on the day);
lunch at 2:00 pm; head to the training room to get stretched out for practice at 2:50 pm; pre-practice at 3:20 pm; practice from 3:35 pm to 5:45 pm; extra batting practice from 5:50 to 6:25 pm; dinner from 6:40 pm to 7:10 pm; back to the dorm to shower and change; and study hall from 7:35 pm to 9 pm.”

How did Everest help to prepare you for where you are today?
“Everest definitely gave me the skills and work ethic to play NCAA Division 1 Baseball. Everest allowed me to practice every single day with my coaches where I received tremendous instruction which has made me into the player I am today.”

What advice would you give Everest students?
“The advice I would give to Everest students is to take advantage of the opportunities that they have at school and become the best student athlete they can be. Also, have a consistent work ethic and make sure they improve every day to get closer to their future goal, whether that is NCAA or the OHL. Both require sacrifice and determination in order to achieve.


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