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S.E.L.F. Awards Voting Page for 2012

Thank you for participating in selecting our winners for the second annual S.E.L.F. awards. Please select the candidate from each of the four S.E.L.F. categories below and press the Submit button as appropriate.

Skill Nominees (Voting Closed May 31 at Noon EST)

Dwayne De Rosario – A Canadian soccer player who currently plays for D.C. United in Major League Soccer.  He also plays for the Canadian national team and is a four time Canadian Player of the Year recipient.

Vicky Sunohara – A three-time Olympian and is known as one of Canada’s all-time most popular female ice hockey players. She was once considered to be the best female ice hockey player in the world and was described as the “Wayne Gretzky of women’s hockey”.  She is currently the head coach of the University of Toronto women’s hockey team.

Mr. Joe Scali – As a youth champion, Joe is committed to the education of youth in all aspects of their lives. He is head coach of the Bantam AA Goulding Park Ranger hockey team, and is dedicated to supporting sports organizations in his community. His involvement in youth sports is unparalleled. For over 22 years Mr. Scali has committed his time to helping young hockey players achieve their goals and continually encourages them to lead fit and healthy lifestyles.

Education Nominees

Hon Laurel Broten – Laurel Broten was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2003. She was appointed Minister of Education in October 2011 and is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities for both individuals and businesses.

Margaret Wallis-Duffy – A strong advocate for health and wellness, Margaret Wallis-Duffy has established herself as one of Canada’s foremost experts on massage therapy, infant massage and overall wellness achieved through therapeutic touch and complementary techniques.

Ms. Sara Meerwali – As an Everest Academy Teacher, Sara has shown remarkable leadership skills amongst her colleagues and students. She received her B.Ed, from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and strives to inspire her students to excel in all that they do.

Leadership Nominees

John Oakley – John Oakley is widely considered to be one of this country’s pre-eminent talk-radio hosts providing insight into the current topics that effect us daily.

Clem D’Orazio – Clem is a leader in the sport of lacrosse. As an Everest Academy coach and program leader, in addition to being coach for multiple teams he has taken his athletes and their sport to the next level.

Miranda Jollymore Kamal – Miranda is so much more than a boxing coach in Toronto. Described as a role model for youth, a life skills coach and a friend to her athletes. She has introduced non- contact boxing to over 2000 kids aged 6-18 across Ontario. Miranda is using the sport of boxing to build Community Champions and create hope.

Fitness Nominees

Joe Costa – As one of the founding members of Mind to Muscle Sports Medicine and Conditioning Centre.  He currently works with all pro athletes and Canadian National athletes including the National Snowboard team at Mind to Muscle, as well as being the strength and conditioning coach of the Mississauga St. Michaels OHL hockey Team.

Michael Zigomanis – Michael is a Canadian professional ice hockey player and currently plays for the Toronto Marlies.  He is a proponent of fitness, diet and education for today’s youth in balancing all these aspects of their life.  Michael leads the Centre Ice Hockey academy where he provides a training atmosphere that fuels the passion inside a young athlete to become the best hockey player they can.

David Kittner – David is truly dedicated to creating more opportunities for youth participation in sports and fitness. On a weekly basis, David runs programs for youth, is a true advocate for getting youth active in sport and has even co-written a book “The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance”.

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