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Athletic Director, John Winstanley

At Everest Academy we offer a wide variety of athletic, music and other skill development activities integrated with the school day. We believe that the skills development arena is an extension of the classroom that adds an important element to a positive education. Our coaches and staff are committed to developing the whole student-athlete. While they are involved in our programs, we will help our student-athletes learn valuable lessons that can be applied throughout their lives. We will strive to be part of the team of family-members, educators, and community that assist our young people to achieve their dreams as healthy, happy, productive young adults. We will work hard and have fun as we come together to reach our full potential.

The Everest Academy skills development program is broken down into three terms per school year (fall, winter, spring), with each student participating up to four days per week. Students have the option to select one or two skills per term. 3 -4 weeks prior to the beginning of a term you will receive an email asking you to select your child’s athletic schedule for that term. Even if you are pursuing a single sport as your overall goal, we recommend considering choosing a second sport while at Everest to increase your athletic development overall.

Why it’s important to be a Multi Sport Athlete:

  1. Better Overall Skills and Ability: Research shows that early participation in multiple sports leads to better overall motor and athletic development, longer playing careers, increased ability to transfer sports skills other sports and increased motivation, ownership of the sports experience, and confidence.
  2. Smarter, More Creative Players: Multi-sport participation at the youngest ages yields better decision making and pattern recognition, as well as increased creativity. These are all qualities that coaches of high level teams look for.
  3. Most College Athletes Come From a Multi-Sport Background: A 2013 American Medical Society for Sports Medicine survey found that 88% of college athletes surveyed participated in more than one sport as a child
  4. Free Play Equals More Play: Early specialization ignores the importance of deliberate play/free play. Researches describe deliberate play as activities which are intrinsically motivating, maximize fun and provide enjoyment are incredibly important. Deliberate play increases motor skills, emotional ability, and creativity. Children allowed deliberate play also tend spend more time engaged in a sport than athletes in structured training with a coach.
  5. There are Many Paths to Mastery: A 2003 study on professional ice hockey players found that while most pros had spent 10,000 hours or more involved in sports prior to age 20, only 3000 of those hours were involved in hockey specific deliberate practice (and only 450 of those hours were prior to age 12).

Everest Academy Skills Development Terms

Fall Winter Spring
September 6 –
November 9
November 13 –
March 29
April 2 –
June 12

Everest Academy Skills Selection Form

For each Skills day, please select your choice as appropriate for the grade of your son/daughter.

(Make sure you complete a selection for ALL FOUR DAYS (see Special Notes below))

Special Notes:

  1. Goaltending, Golf and Music have additional fees based on number of days selected.
  2. Music selections are programmed separately, if you have a specific interest in Music, please provide description in Other Comments field below
  3. Music can be scheduled at other times during the week depending on student schedule.
  4. Golf can be 4 days per week for full-time golfing students only
  5. Some programs have minimal enrolment requirements
  6. Prep teams (Lacrosse, Hockey) are assumed to be four sessions per week unless otherwise scheduled by team coach
Student Name
Skills Term Term #3 (Spring Term Starts April 3)


Grade 1-4 Skills Options (1:10 pm - 2:10 pm)
Monday SkipHockeyGoaltendingSoccerMusicGolf
Tuesday SkipHockeyGoaltendingMusicElite All Sports
Wednesday SkipElite All SportsMusicGolf
Thursday SkipHockeySoccerMusic

Golf has an additional cost
Goaltending runs Mon-Tues and has an additional fee
Elite all sports will focus on a variety of different sports and skills including basketball, volleyball, baseball and many others.
Please NOTE 3v3 Hockey Tournament will be played on Thursdays


Grades 5-6-7 (10:00 am - 11:20 am)
Monday SkipHockeyGoaltendingGolfLacrosseSoccerMusic
Tuesday SkipHockeyGoaltendingBaseballSoccerMusic
Wednesday SkipHockeySoccerMusicSelf Defense Class
Thursday SkipHockeyLacrosseBaseballSoccerMusicGolf

Lacrosse will run 2 days
Golf has an additional cost
Goaltending runs Mon-Tues and has an additional fee
Please NOTE 3v3 Hockey Tournament will be played on Wednesdays


Grades 8-9-10 (8:20 am - 9:50 am)
Monday SkipHockeyGoaltendingBaseballGolfSoccerMusic
Tuesday SkipHockeyGoaltendingBaseballGolfMusic
Wednesday SkipHockeyBaseballGolfSoccerMusic
Thursday SkipHockeyGolfBaseballMusic

Golf has an additional cost - Golf can be offered full time for those students who play golf on a full time basis
All High School Baseball will all be during this block (Grade 8-12)
Goaltending runs Mon-Tues and has an additional fee
Please NOTE 3v3 Hockey Tournament will be played on Wednesdays


Grades 11-12/PG and Prep Teams (11:40 am - 1:00 pm)
Monday SkipHockeyGoaltendingMusic
Tuesday SkipHockeyGoaltendingMusic
Wednesday SkipHockeyMusic
Thursday SkipHockeyMusic

Grade 11 & 12 Baseball will be held at 8:20am. If you are a Baseball player please register in that age category
Please NOTE 3v3 Hockey Tournament will be played on Wednesdays

Other Comments

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