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Prep Team Information Session

Everest Academy U18 Prep Team Skate and Information Session

The Prep Hockey Program’s daily focus of athletic activity is the exclusive development of the Junior Hockey or College bound hockey player. Our goal for the Screaming Eagles is to maximize each athlete academically and on the ice. In doing we so we work to open the doors of opportunity at each players next level . We teach our players that hockey is a means to an end and encourage them to maximize their education as they take hockey as far as they are able.

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We work towards that end by a daily regimen of on ice practice and off ice conditioning. The conditioning portion is done both physically and mentally. Our players engage in an aggressive physical training component that increases strength and stamina and brings with it a confidence that is necessary for performance at the highest level. The program is geared towards stamina and strength for the first part of the season with the strength component increasing in intensity in the latter part of the season. Players also develop their mental skills through a variety of precision based exercises that demand attention, focus, and skill. We strongly believe in alternate sport cross training and our players participate in our lacrosse program to further hone their skills and also have fun in a complimentary sport. This combination works to build a stronger, focused, and aware hockey player.

From September through March the team practices every week for six hours on ice. Practices are Monday – Thursday during the day for an hour and a half. We have approximately 60 games in our season with most games happening at top quality showcase events. We compete against very high end teams and in doing so showcase our players at the highest levels.

We take our team on tours of some of the worlds finest schools and hockey programs. In doing so we bring our players to the “front step” of elite level education and hockey programs. This level of exposure puts players in front of top end coaches and builds a sense of expectation that helps propel our players forward. Each year culminates with an opportunity for a trip overseas to further provide the experience needed for our student-athletes.

As a result of our collective hockey experience a great number of Everest Academy student-athletes have moved on to the next level. Many Screaming Eagles that Everest has developed, coached, and supported, are now successful in the NCAA, OHL, AJHL, BCHL, USHL, CHL, and other junior leagues as well as the ultimate destination — the NHL. We strive to maintain a good relationship with our players after they leave us and continue to assist in any way we can.

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