Everest Academy

Program and Daily Schedule

The Program

The Everest Hockey and Goaltending Program helps develop a complete hockey player with instinctive habits and skills versatility. Through an in-depth hockey curriculum that includes customized fitness programs, on ice and off-ice assessments, video reviews and more, students learn and practice fundamental hockey skills, develop a love for the game and a willingness to study and master all of its aspects.

Students are faced with a challenging yet nurturing environment which encourages them to strive beyond their personal best. The daily commitment to practice reinforces the Everest core values of dedication, focus, integrity, and hard work. Each student is challenged to focus on their effort and to build confidence and self-esteem through doing, achieving, and triumphing over previous personal thresholds. Our coaches, lead by example and strive to mentor students to practice sportsmanship which carries over into all aspects of their lives.

Daily On Ice Schedule

Our Weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday – Power skating and edge work (Grade 5-6 and 9-12) – Goalie training

Our Power Skating Program brings a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the skating stride and everything it encompasses. Hockey is trending towards an emphasis on speed and skill, and we have geared our hockey program to focus on those things. During these sessions, we will concentrate on every aspect of skating, starts, stops, turns, crossovers, balance, agility, power, and quickness.

Tuesday – Puck skills and small area quick drills – Goalie Training (Power skating and edge work – Grade 7-8 and 1-4)

Tuesdays concentrate on small area skills, from shooting to puck control, to tips and net-front play. Players are encouraged to perform these in small areas of the ice to improve their skill and to enhance their awareness and ability to make plays and decisions with less time and in confined spaces.

Wednesday – Position Specific day – Defense and forwards split and work on positions specific skills

This day is geared towards training players at their specific position. Defensemen get to work on things like footwork, pivots, retrievals and blue line play, which aren’t commonly emphasized at club practices. Forwards are able to work on everything from goal scoring to creating offense, and how to apply those to game situations. Some sessions are dedicated to combined drills where forwards and Defense get to translate skills they’ve honed in these sessions in-game situational drills, and settings.

Thursday – Small area games and skills

Thursday is popular amongst athletes in our program because they get to compete in different types of games and scrimmages, and use some of the skills they’ve learned during the week in game situations. Puck touches and skill translation are the emphases in these sessions, the staff encourages players to be creative and try and do things that they don’t with their club teams, both to build confidence and develop ability.